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Work faster and smarter in 2024

Keeping pace with technology can be daunting, especially for law firms and legal teams.


I understand the common obstacles my clients face:

  • It's difficult to know where to start

  • Choosing the right technology is time-consuming and risky

  • Getting lawyers to change how they work can be difficult

  • Aligning your transformation strategy with commercial objectives is not always intuitive ​


Over the past eight years, I have helped many law firms and legal teams overcome these hurdles.


My real-world experience has enabled me to develop a framework that helps my clients work smarter and improve performance.

Why me?

  • Change management expert

  • NY qualified lawyer

  • Former Head of APAC Innovation at Clifford Chance

  • 8 years working with law firms, in-house teams and legal tech vendors

  • 5 years at investment banks focused on legal tech, regulatory tech, project management and innovation

  • Strong personal brand with 2,000+ followers on LinkedIn, where I share insights about legal transformation and how to get sh*t do

  • I deliver projects on time and within budget - ask my clients



Andrew Beasley

APAC Director, Clifford Chance

It's no understatement to say that Laura has created a lasting and meaningful change in how we approach innovation within Clifford Chance. 


When you work with Laura, it's clear to see that she has a passion for change and innovation. She combines her legal training and innovator's mindset to challenge and push legal teams to think differently.


I have no hesitation in recommending Laura to any law firm looking to innovate and make a meaningful change in how they approach work.


Violet Willoughby-Rail

Operations Manager, Mayne Wetherell

We originally engaged Laura for her change management expertise ahead of two major IT infrastructure projects.


We had heard from other firms that they faced challenges with their own implementations leading to months of disruption. We wanted to avoid a similar fate.


Laura designed a change management strategy to fit our firm and helped us successfully execute the projects.


One of the great successes was her “Not Boring Tech Training” format.


Laura has also helped us plan and establish our tech transformation program.

Her understanding of how lawyers work and her knowledge of legal tech have been vital to our success.

Hsiang Low_edited.jpg

Hsiang Low

Head of APAC at SeedLegals, ex-Linklaters

Laura is one of these special talents that can both connect communities and disrupt industry at the same time.


We collaborated on her project to raise awareness about technology and innovation in the legal sector, and I witnessed first-hand the wide reach she has in the legal community. 

When problem-solving, Laura often approaches from alternative angles, with the ability to analyse the landscape from a macro perspective, and zoom into the detail when needed.


I've thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and truly believe that Laura is a driving force for innovation in our industry.

Sam Flynn Josef_edited.jpg

Sam Flynn

COO and Co-Founder Josef

I have worked in the legaltech and innovation space for 8 years. In all that time, Laura stands out to me as one of the best people in the industry.

I enjoyed working with Laura so much because she focused on what mattered, and was able to ignore the noise. She has a truly collaborative, open and creative approach to problem-solving that is exceedingly rare in the legal world.

 Her stakeholder management skills are second-to-none, ensuring that participants, users, partners and leadership were all included in the design of the program, but also got a lot out of it.


Laura helped us create something that was truly world-leading.


Richard Seabrook

Founder of Panoram

I have hired Laura for several different projects since 2016.


She's great with people and I can always trust her to deliver.


Laura has a special combination of technical understanding, legal knowledge and business experience. It's brilliant to find someone with expertise across these three areas.

I enjoy working with her.

Bas Boris Visser_edited.png

Bas Boris Visser

Head of Innovation, Clifford Chance

Laura played a big role in the Clifford Chance innovation team for many years. 

She helped us design and launch the firm's first-ever innovation lab, Create+65, in Singapore. 

One of Laura's most impactful projects was the Automation Academy, a fresh approach to training that teaches lawyers how to automate their work. She understands how to design engaging training that lawyers enjoy.

During her time as the APAC Innovation Lead, Laura facilitated 11 client workshops, ran 40+ lawyer workshops and generated press coverage in 9 countries.

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