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Clifford Chance Create+65 Lab

I was hired to build the firm's first innovation lab, Create+65, from the ground up.

Over 18 months I established the brand in the marketplace and led a variety of projects and collaborations.


Notable external projects included the Automation Academy, a fresh new training course which teaches lawyers how to automate their work, and the VIMA Solutions, a set of automated financing docs for start-ups and investors.

My team ran client workshops, lawyer workshops, events and technology research trips across APAC. We generated media coverage in nine countries.

Not Boring Tech Training

Most legal tech training is boring.


It doesn't have to be that way.


You won't become a chef by watching cooking shows. Similarly, we can't rely on webinars and videos to teach lawyers about tech.


I work with my clients to create an active training environment that mimics real work that challenges the lawyers. 

The result? Sky high training engagement and happy teams. Most importantly, the lawyers return to their desks feeling prepared to use the new technology.

I have designed Not Boring Tech Training for many solutions, including iManage Work 10, Nexl (automated CRM for law firms) and Josef (no code document automation).

I also train legal tech teams to create their own Not Boring Tech Training formats customised to the needs of their organisation.

iManage Change Management Training

I was hired by iManage to help their implementation partners improve the change management elements of their service delivery.

Clifford Chance London

I supported the strategy and business planning process for the firm's ambitious SAAS technology business.

I designed and developed the SMCR Manager, a digital regtech tool bought by several asset managers.

Singapore Fintech Festival

I designed and led Clifford Chance's digital campaign for the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019.


The goal was to position the firm's Tech Group as approachable experts ahead of the curve. 

Inspired by the successful Youtube series, we filmed leading lawyers answering "Google's Most Searched Fintech Questions" and a series of prediction videos with 10+ fintech companies, including Grab, Amazon Web Services, Mastercard, Razer Pay, R3 and many others.

In 14 days, the campaign generated 20,000+ digital impressions.

Unilever Hackathon Winners

My team rapidly developed a voice recognition product prototype for Alexa during Unilever's Re.Hack hackathon competitor. We won the popular vote for the best product.


As winners, we were hired to do a paid project with Unilever. We ran focus groups with potential users and helped Unilever better understand the possible uses of this new technology within their business.

Mayne Wetherell Transformation 

I was hired by Mayne Wetherell, a leading NZ firm, to create and execute a multi-year transformation strategy.


The firm had already made smart technology decisions, so I encouraged them to focus on change management and improving the adoption of their existing stack. Once strong foundations have been established, we will look at more advanced solutions.

One of our most popular projects so far was the rollout of iManage Work 10. I teamed up with the firm's technology lead and designed gamified training which the lawyers loved. Engagement levels were high, and everyone left the training feeling confident about Work 10.

We have planned a diverse portfolio of projects for 2023.

Ocean Vision Legal Digital Transformation

I am working with Ocean Vision Legal, the world's first law firm specialising in Marine Protection, to digitise their operations.

Our goal is to streamline the firm's processes and automate as much as possible, reducing the administrative overhead for the team.

Software implementation for an in-house team

I partnered with Panoram, a legal digital transformation consultancy based in the UK, to support the implementation of Intapp Collaboration & Content at one of Australia's leading financial institutions.

Neota Logic Regtech Product

I designed a RegTech product to address the shortcomings of existing market solutions for Uncleared Margin regulations.

We pitched the product to major law firms, banks and technology providers and helped Neota Logic win the opportunity to explore a joint venture with a major law firm.

Plastic Promises Campaign

I coordinated a multifaceted campaign to hold WeWork accountable for false promises made about sustainability.


Following our impactful digital campaign and petition, WeWork introduced reusable metal cups and stopped using plastic cups at all locations, preventing millions of non-recyclable cups from going to landfills each year.

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