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Life is too short for boring legal tech training

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

There's a trick to get lawyers excited about legal tech training.

I call it "the boredom test".

Here's how it works →

When I am launching legal tech, I ask myself:

- Does the training pass the boredom test?

- Would I want to do it?

A lot of legal tech training is boring and hands-off.

You won't become a chef by watching cooking shows. In the same vein, we can't rely on webinars and videos to teach lawyers about tech.

Instead, we can create an active training environment that mimics real work. Challenge the lawyers. Gamify the training.


I've seen how this plays out in real life and it's powerful.

I helped Clifford Chance design an academy to teach lawyers how to automate their work.

Each week they spent an hour working on their chosen use case. At the end of the training, we ran a demo day where they presented their work to the whole firm.

The engagement rates were sky high and the lawyers loved it.


So next time you're rolling out new tech, ask yourself:

Does my training pass the boredom test?


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